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frequently asked questions

Q. I sent in a card to claim my prize but I haven’t heard anything yet?


A. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • you have not allowed for the maximum 28 day processing period between submission of your claim and receipt of your prize;
  • you have not entered your claim number or you have entered an invalid number in the claim number box. In either case we would be unable to process your claim;
  • your entry or prize may have been mislaid in the postal system

If you haven’t heard anything about your prize after 28 days please contact Customer Services. You will need to give them your name, address, details of the promotion you played and of the prize you claimed.


Q. When I dial the claims hotline all I hear is a continuous tone after the prefix 0906 (UK) or 1580 (ROI)?


A. This means you have call barring, which prevents you from calling any premium rate number. The vast majority of mobile and business telephones have automatic call barring. It can be lifted from a mobile by contacting your network operator, but be aware that premium rate calls may be more expensive as the tariff is set by the network, not by the service provider. If you have call barring on your home telephone you’ll need to contact your network operator and ask for it to be removed. Call barring will affect home phones either because the bill payer has requested the service or because the telephone company has automatically installed call barring on the line. This is often the case with smaller cable companies but they will remove it on request. Please note that call barring can only be lifted by the person who pays the bill. There is no charge for removing this service.


Q. The operator says that the line does not exist?


A. The telephone lines used on our promotions are not permanent listed numbers and are in use only for the duration of the promotion. As a result, network operators occasionally inform callers that the number does not exist. If you have problems getting through to the hotline please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to advise you further.


Q. Why has it cost me more than stated on the card to call the hotline from a public telephone?


A. The cost information printed on all UK gamecards applies to calls made from a residential fixed line telephone. Public telephones, both coin and card operated, are usually set at a higher tariff than domestic telephones. Purely Creative has no control over these tariffs and the call cost information on our promotions advises against using public telephones to access the claims hotline.


Q. When I called the hotline, the person on the telephone line wouldn’t stop talking long enough for me to speak?


A. The hotline is a recorded message, not a live one to one service. All relevant prize and claim information is contained in the recorded message.


Q. The gamecard I received is exactly the same as the one my neighbour has. How can anyone win if all the cards are exactly the same?

A. During the course of a single Purely Creative promotion over 200 variations of the gamecard are circulated, including all the cards upon which the major prize winning combinations are printed. It is not possible to print every single card individually, therefore it is inevitable that cards from the same print run will be duplicated. However, this does not affect anyone’s chances of obtaining a major prize winning card, as these are randomly distributed.


Q. I can’t find the hotline number?


A. The hotline number appears within the message under the scratch off covering on the panel on your card, on your ticket or the reverse of the card or on your ticket. The printed message may also contain a winning password or symbol which determines which prize is yours to claim.


Q. Do I need to keep a copy of my card or ticket?

A. Yes, if possible for your own peace of mind. We advise people to copy, photo or scan both sides of their ticket or card before sending it in to make a claim. This allows you to keep a record of the promotion and, should you have a query, helps Customer Services find your details quickly.


Q. I live in the UK or Ireland but am on holiday. I have tried to call the hotline but can’t get through?


A. You can only ring the hotline from the 0906 number from the UK or the 1580 number from the Republic of Ireland so you will have to wait until you return from holiday to play. If you are out of the country for a long period of time you can ask someone you know at home to participate on your behalf.


Q. Why does my telephone bill show that I’ve been charged more than the cost stated on the gamecard to call the claim line?


A. Any amount that you have been charged over and above the cost shown on the promotion is the access charge applied by your own telephone company and as such is beyond Purely Creative control.  Such charges vary and are not always applicable, but if they do apply your telephone company should have made this clear when entering into a contract with you.  If in doubt, it’s best to contact your telephone company and ask if an access charge applies to premium rate services with numbers beginning with 09.


Q. How do I participate using a mobile phone?


A. If you want to play by text, full instructions are given on your gamecard. Playing by text is very quick and easy. You will find a code (such as LIFE33) printed on your ticket or card. Text this code to the 5 digit number shown (usually 88810 in the UK or 57800 in the ROI). You will then receive a series of short text messages giving the winning combinations for each prize available, plus your claim number and entry instructions.


Q. How much does it cost to play the game by text?


A. All text costs will be stated clearly on the promotional material. Please note that not all of our promotions have a text entry route.


Q. I entered by text and sent my text message but haven’t had a reply/I have received a text saying my code is not recognised.


A. There are a number of reasons for a lack of reply or failed text messages:

  • incorrect entry: you may have entered the competition incorrectly. When playing by text you must follow the instructions on the promotion and write the text exactly as it is printed. Do not enter any other information (such as the entire message), and do not insert a space between any of the characters or the message may fail;
  • credit: if you have a ‘pay as you go’ phone you must have enough credit to play the game in full. You will receive a message if you don’t have enough credit. Some ‘pay as you go’ customers are prevented by the network from receiving texts if they have no credit at all;
  • network delays: all networks occasionally experience delays. These delays can be up to two hours, and in exceptional circumstances up to twenty-four hours.

Q. Do the big prizes really exist?


A. Yes they do. The big prizewinning gamecards (including those worth one million pounds!) are distributed under secure conditions in the presence of independent witnesses. If a prize is advertised, it’s definitely out there to be claimed. Please also note that the prizes advertised on any one competition relate to that competition only, and not to lots of different promotions. A brand new set of high value prizes is allocated to each and every Purely Creative promotion


Q. Has anyone actually won a major prize?


A. Yes they have. Major prizes are awarded frequently, from cars and luxury holidays to big cash prizes up to £1 million. Since January 2008, the company has awarded over £7 million to participants in it’s games. For more information on winners, visit our winners section. Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services and request a copy of the winners list.


Q. Are Purely Creative genuine?


A. Yes, completely genuine. Purely Creative’ promotions are not a scam. Our objective is to ensure that everyone who participates in a Purely Creative promotion thoroughly enjoys the experience and is delighted with the outcome. We design promotions that are attractive and fun to play and use our considerable wholesale purchasing power to source exciting prizes that represent real value to the consumer. We understand only too well that in recent years the public has been exposed to a few ‘dodgy’ gamecard promotions run by rogue companies. But rest assured, all gamecards are not the same. We’ve been operating gamecard promotions for over 30 years and the consistently positive feedback we receive from the people who participate proves that we exceed the public’s expectations.



Q. What if I win a prize I don't want or can’t use?


A. We hope that won't happen, but don’t worry because if you're not happy, we’re not happy. If for any reason you're dissatisfied with what you receive, we’ll refund any costs you've incurred in entering, (such as for a phone call or text, or for postage) so you've literally nothing to lose by playing! *Only one single entry refund per customer.



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